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Sunday, January 24, 2016

What Dreams May Come

Hamlet aside, my dreams are not giving me any pause. And that's sad. You know I've always enjoyed my dreams. I have always had very vivid, colorful dreams that had many layers of symbolism and very complex plots and subplots. Some dreams even featured "stunt casting" for some of the characters. (Sweeps week in my brain?) And the best part, whether it was a good dream or bad, was that I was never aware that I was dreaming. So it all felt so real, no matter how fantastical.

But lately, my dreams have been lacking. The metaphors are so simple, I don't even have a metaphor to describe them. And no storyline. Just disjointed vignettes. (Although I'm told this is how most people dream. That seems like a real letdown after the epic stories my brain has told me.)

But the worst part is that these dreams are boring. Even my nightmares--like last night when I found myself on a darkened street, alone, with six or more assailants closing in on me. I just felt like that situation was so predictable.

Of couse, this is my brain reminding me that, no matter how I might try to un-depress myself with faked positivity, it sees right through me. And it's not buying it.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another Hat

Here is another hat I did around Christmastime. It's the Deep Fork Hat from Heather Brumbelow-Scott. I really liked the way this looked in the pattern photos. I like the thick ribs and chunky weight yarn.

I used Bernat Softee Chunky in Faded Denim.

Super fast knit (chunky yarn and size 8 needles). It would be good for gifting, or for keeping in an emergency gift box. Or for charity knitting.

That's where this one is going. I had actually planned to knit it for T, but it's a little small on his head. So, I will have to cast on another one for him.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Don't Touch

You can learn a lot about a person, just by their hobbies. Of course, mine are knitting, crocheting, and various other crafts. But, my non-craft hobbies are pretty varied.

You know I write, right? Or, I used to. I don't seem to have much to say these days. Nothing anyone would want to read, anyway. Oh, wait. Except this blog, of course. Yeah. Of course people want to read this blog. It's cool. Right?

I also enjoy voiceovers and impressions. I don't do them, myself. I've been told my voice is pretty unique. (By many people, so I assume it's true.) But I love to see the character voices come out of a way different face. I don't know. I may have been incepted by Rich Little at a young age. He seemed to be on just about every variety show on TV while I was growing up. I was fascinated by him.

And I like to to touch things that have a "Do Not Touch" sign on them. I also like to encourage others to do that.

Even if you are sneaking into the cutting counter at JoAnn Fabrics, right behind the saleslady, while your mom clandestinely takes a photo with her iPhone.

Ha! If she got caught, my plan was to look shocked and mortified. "What are you doing? You know you're not supposed to go behind the counter!"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Year, New Magic Ball

I enjoyed making the scrapghan from my magic ball in (2014?) the past. I think it's time to start collecting scraps for a new one. As I moved, I found a lot of very small bits of yarn that I had saved from previous projects. And I just started to combine them as I went.

Here is what I have so far:
Thanks for your help, Kevin Sorbo.

I'm hoping to have enough by year end to make another scrap blanket in January 2017. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Is Up With The "Our Time" Commercials?

Have you seen the commercials for "Our Time" dating service? I can't decide whether they are joke commercials or real. I mean, if they're joking, it's not all that funny. But if they're not joking, it's kind of pathetic.

This is an online dating service that caters to the over 50 crowd. Now, being an over 50 lady myself, I am not implying that people my age are not vibrant, interesting, fun, and sexy. I mean, I'm all of that. So, of course we are.

But what I find ridiculous about these commercials is the way this is presented. For example, in one commercial, we see the top of the head of a woman grinding her ass on a guy (we also don't see his face) in a club. All around are young 20- and 30-somethings dancing and laughing as they are watching this horny couple. The voice over says "Think dating after 50 isn't hip? Think again." And the woman's head flips up and we see that both of them are obviously over 50. She grabs him by the shirt and leads him suggestively out of the club. (Although, I don't know how you can get more suggestive than grinding your ass on a guy. That pretty much gets the message across, right there.)

If this is not a joke commercial, they may be trying to say that people over 50 are vibrant, interesting, fun, and sexy. But what this commercial says to me is, "How pathetic."

To be fair, this would be my reaction to 20-somethings grinding their asses on guys crotches, too. Not being a prude, and I don't have anything at all against suggestive dancing. I just think dry humping is no longer merely suggestive.

I also don't like the Couger Life service. But at least they're not trying to be "suggestive." They're coming right out and saying it. "Horny women who will pay for everything in exchange for a semi-submissive young boy-toy." 

Oh. You think that's empowering women? Come on. You know if this were a site that flat out advertised horny older guys looking for young buttercups to be a sugar daddy to, people would be disgusted.

Anyway, none of this applies to me at all, since I am not in the dating market. And thank God for that. Because, not only do I dearly love T and never want to lose him, I would definitely NOT enjoy the dating scene.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More UFOs Than Roswell

Seriously. I have been sorting through all my crafting supplies/projects now, after the move. I'm trying to find a space for them and whether I want to finish or frog. And I've determined I have a lot of UFOs. I mean, a lot.

With several boxes marked "UFO," I'm surprised I haven't gotten a visit from this guy:
But, this will be the year. For one thing, it's just ridiculous to have this many UFOs. That shows a serious lack of commitment, doesn't it?

And, I think I will be happy to get some of these done. Happy to finish. Happy to have the finished object. Happy to gift/use/donate it. Happy to have the space. And I need some happy.

That's probably how I got all these UFOs in the first place. Just flitting from one thing to another because I felt restless, stressed, and down. But I am working on that.
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Freakishly Cold

It is freakishly cold out today. Like Dante's 9th Circle cold. The weatherman said it was 3 degrees. With the windchill it's -15. That's ridiculous.

I'm wearing socks in the house. That's how cold it is. Socks and a sweater and a Snuggie.
Yes. One of those. In fact, it looks just like that. So it's me in my socks and Snuggie with my hot coffee and two cats. 

I know weather doesn't work this way, but this kind of feels like payback for all those 60 degree days we had in December.

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