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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Robot Revolution Has Begun!

They built a new WalMart in town, really close to my neighborhood. (There goes the neighborhood, right? As if you can't get any more redneck than Central Indiana, anyway!) Today was the grand opening. They had a robot greeter.

Of course, I had to go. I love robots. And I have a love/hate relationship with WalMart.

Seriously. Where else can you get cake mix, spray paint, bed sheets, petunias, patio furniture, underwear, and a hunting knife, all in the same building? I didn't buy those things, by the way, but I could have if I'd wanted to. I think everything you would need to restart civilization in the aftermath of a holocaust could be found in WalMart.

But, you'd be at WalMart. The place where the rules of dressing don't apply. Hey, if you are 40 years old, you can't wear a child's Spider-Man costume as clothing. (Actually, the age limit is probably much less than that, so don't try to get by on a technicality.) Likewise, those Daisy Dukes are probably meant for a much younger woman, granny.

There are other things that piss me off about WalMart, but that is a story for another day. Today was all about the robot.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sharing Is Caring

Since I've been away for a while, I thought I'd share some of what's been happening over the last month. The big event, of course, was R's wedding. Check it out:

They're very cute, right?

It was an outdoor wedding, with perfect weather. I cried like a baby. A big, fabulously dressed baby who cried every time my son looked at me. But, you know. Emotions. And then, when I got it under control, it was time for the mother/son dance. And Ry had picked out the song I used to sing to him when he was a baby!

Robot. Heart. Melting.

Seriously. Why am I so emotional now? I used to be hard. As hard as the rock in that old rock 'n' roll. (Oh, wait. That might be another song. Hm.) Maybe that's what happens when you are a mom and your kid gets married? Here's a pic of my mom at my wedding.

On a side note, look at my dad checking out my mom's butt as she walks. What a perv.

The wedding went wonderfully (aside from that one crazy redhead bawling her eyes out) and luckily, I didn't drop the sand in the sand ceremony, like I did at rehearsal. I'm pretty sure that would not have been as funny as it was at rehearsal, when--out of embarassment at dropping my jar--I yelled "Ta-dah!".

That's me in the blue dress, not dropping the sand.

Here's a really good shot of M and her boy, plus T's mom and dad behind them.

And my bro and his family came down for the wedding, so that was really nice. Here's R before the wedding, with the Fabulous Miss A.

Miss A and I spent some quality time together, with me teaching her to knit. She did a good job with it. I'm hoping she continues.

More stuff tomorrow. I've got plenty to catch you up on!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh Why Do You Still Love Me?

Why is this cat sad?

Probably because I have not written in my blog for such a long time.

Gentle Readers, forgive me. I am the worst blogger on the face of the planet, I'm pretty sure. Have I really neglected you for a month?

I suck. I mean, really. Why do you still love me?

I don't even know what to say. I mean, I could tell you that I have really been struggling this year with a lot of stuff. I had a few months of depression when I just felt like I didn't even have anything to say. And then things got better, but it seems like I was just playing catch up. And there were some pretty major events going on. Like R's wedding.

Oh yeah, and M got engaged, too.

Those are both good things. Also, I started teaching craft classes this month at a local store. Knit, crochet, arm knitting. And I started taking some online courses. Nothing serious. You know. I'm done with school. But I do like to learn. And I worry about eventually losing my mind like my dad did. I'm getting older, right? Have to be concerned with things like that. I want to keep my wits sharp.

I'm currently taking Rise of the Superhero and their Impact on Pop Culture. Once this is done, I might take a lit course focussing on Pride and Prejudice.

But don't worry. I won't neglect you any more.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coming Right Along

The lace tablecloth is coming along nicely. I've been working on it pretty much every evening, if only for a little bit. I'm happy to say, I've passed the first cutoff point for the doily and I'm pretty close to the second point. So far so good.

The bad part about being this far along is that it's nearly impossible to get a good progress picture. Well, I suppose I could get one if I took it off the needles and put it on some waste yarn, but I'm not going to do that. No sense in tempting fate. With my luck, I'd probably step on the loose end of that waste yarn and pull it right out.

Not going to take that chance. You will have to use your imagination skills.

I'm going to have to take a couple of quick breaks from this, though, since I am only halfway through my swap ornament for this month and then end of the month is closing in on me. Plus, I have another swap that I am working on. Of course, I can't post either one of these until the recipient gets them, so I will just have to talk about them very vaguely.

Another update soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Big Crunch

Yeah, we are down to the wire. I just read this article today. Apparently that Big Bang thing was just temporary and the universe is going to collapse back down on itself in The Big Crunch.

Well, that sounds scary-ominous, doesn't it? I was under the impression the universe would end with a whimper, not a bang. The Big Crunch sounds more like a bang to me.

Of course, this event isn't going to happen for a few tens of billions of years, so I think I can get all my WIPs done in that timeframe. I might be able to knit through my stash, even!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Making Progress: Center Lace

The really nice thing about knitting from the center out is that it doesn't take very long to knit a whole lot of rows. This is something like the first 25 rows of the lace tablecloth. You can see the center flower pretty clearly now and there are enough stitches on the needle that I've switched to a circular needle.

Of course, there are only 144 stitches on the needle right now, but this thing is only going to get bigger. Still, I've got about 45 days left to knit itm, so I think I'm doing pretty well.

And you know, I can always stop at the doily stage if I don't have enough time to knit a whole tablecloth.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Funny How That Happens

So this lace tablecloth I'm working on starts with a crocheted ring. It's a chain, with double crochets in it. Then loops are pulled up through those DCs and put onto the dpns to be knit.

SO much easier than casting on a couple of stitches onto dpns and then trying to work with them until you increase enough to actually keep them on the needle, amiright?

Listen, when I was a brand-new knitter I made a lace tablecloth. I didn't know any better. Ha! No, seriously. It never occured to me that it would be difficult or complex. Nothing ever did. I had a book with a lace tablecloth in it, so why wouldn't I be able to knit it, right? I just started knitting and when I got to something I didn't know how to do, I just figured it out. This was before the days of the internet, you understand. So all my knitting instruction (after my mom had taught me knit and purl and my college roommate had taught me a couple of other things) came from magazines I bought, books I checked out of the library (and this was back before knitting was a hipster thing to do, so there weren't very many knitting books or magazines out there), or from just futzing about.

Some things were easy to figure out. Yarn Over? That's pretty self-explanatory. K2Tog? Knit two stitches at the same time? Sure. Knit through the back loop? Seems pretty straight forward. It was all just one stitch at a time. I really never thought that anything would be difficult to do.

Ah youth.

That lace tablecloth was the first thing I had ever knit on dpns or circular needles. I had never heard of such a thing as dpns. But, I approached it logically. If I wanted to put 6 stitches on 3 needles and work in a circle, it was pretty obvious how I had to cast on and get started. The problem was, I just couldn't manage crochet thread on dpns with only a few stitches, working in the round.

I don't remember with 100% accuracy, but I'm going to go out on a limb as say there was some swearing involved.

Anyway, I kept dropping these stitches or the needles would slide out of the stitches, or I couldn't manage a yarn over at the end of a dpn... I was very frustrated. I knew I could knit this tablecloth, but I was just having problems with that one part. So I improvised. I made a crochet ring. Then I drew loops up through the ring and put them on the dpn. It gave that beginning bit so much more stability and I was able to knit the rest of the cloth with no problem.

So, it's funny now when the pattern calls for a crochet ring to start.

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